Men’s Group
A Seminar for Men With Questions What have you learned about love in your lifetime? Over the past several years, I have been fortunate to meet many people who have been struggling with the question, "What is love?"  What is your definition of Love and what are you looking for in a partner? What makes it so difficult? Are there always circumstances which create doubt? What is the relationship between love and commitment?  How has your knowledge of love changed through your life experience? My sense is that the answers to these questions are different for men than for women and that rarely (if ever) do men get together to share their impressions of this complicated matter. I am writing to propose a meeting to explore with other men the nature of love. These men can be in a committed relationship or unattached. The only requirement is that they be pondering questions of love. Although the conversation might meander into locker room banter at times, my hope is that we are able to keep the focus elevated to a philosophical (less cynical) discussion.  The fee for the group is $40 per session and the group will meet monthly in John’s office.  Please let John know of your interest, call 781-828-5533.
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